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(Kim Min-hee) "What does a man really want?" (Kim Tae-ri) "What?" (Kim Min-hee) "What I mean is - the weeding knight. How would I know? I grew up; with-out a mother to teach me-I haven't no idea about any of tihs." (Kim Min-hee) "Probably kising first?"

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coolby 4 months ago
I find that syntactically challenging quotes like this are GREAT for practice. Maybe some previous commenters here are not very fast typists (<103 wpm) or do not like to challenge themselves very much, which, to each his own.

Can't wait to train on this quote and see the film- I hear it has a 95% on the aggregate review website
coollin 4 months ago
Hi typehero1 and most recently weesin,

Curious what teh both of you got when typing this? It's a pretty tough quote--I tranlsated it from Thai so not sure what I got worng. Thanks for the feedback though, definitely will use it for my upcoming Handmaiden 3 quote.

Also--have you seen the movie entitled "Teh HAndmaiden"? I recommend it. Contextually this quote is wonderful. Actually
weesin 4 months ago
A ridiculous amount of errors! And it would also be super annoying to type
typehero1 4 months ago
This has so many errors

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