Go Fish - Fisherman TES IV Oblivion

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There comes a time in every man's life when he must admit he's lost the fight. Well, I've fought and I've lost. What's my great enemy you may ask? A bunch of damned fish!

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catrice 11 months ago
Little Willie questioned his grandmother with an appearance of great seriousness:

"Ain't Rotterdam the name of a city, Gramma?"

"Don't say 'ain't', Willie," the old lady corrected. "Yes, Rotterdam is the name of a city. Why?"

"It ain't swearin' to say it, is it Gramma?"

"Don't say 'ain't', Willie. No, it isn't swearing to say Rotterdam. Why?"

"Cause if sister keeps on eatin' so much candy, she'll Rotterdam head off."
mumma 11 months ago
Let's be neither uptight nor naive; the word 'damned' is not offensive to anyone but the super uptight and/or crazy conservative religious folk

Like I've always told my kids....cursing is fine so long as it's not directed at a person. I don't think the fish in this instance is offended, so let's not get worked up about a harmless word. Children aren't delicate flowers...they'll survive hearing the word 'damned' I assure you
kraus168 11 months ago
diddly-doo, that is true
catrice 11 months ago
Of course children use this damned site.
kraus168 11 months ago
do you really think children use this site?
erikabranch 1 year, 5 months ago
Please replace "damned" with a more youth-appropriate word. Thanks.
weesin 1 year, 10 months ago
you've missed the apostrophe in the word 'mans'

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