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If we took all the holy books and burnt them, they wouldn't come back in a thousand years. But if we took all the science books and burnt them, in a thousand years they would be back.

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kraus168 2 months, 2 weeks ago
I don't fully understand this quote. By saying all science books come back, that means that they can be proven to be universaly right. By stating that holy books wouldn't come back, you are kind of disproving current religion because in a thausand years we would come with another religion, meaning the current one is fake as well as the future one.
asioxcore 12 months ago
I'm right there with you.
trollhunter 12 months ago
Yeah I've always been a fan. I'm also a fan of anything that mocks, or sheds a negative light on, religion
asioxcore 12 months ago
Yeah, absolutely! Gervais is the man.
trollhunter 12 months ago
Great quote!

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