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Magnetic tape: Everyone thinks it's analog, but it's digital. A lower-tech version than what we use now, but people forget that it was used to store computerized data for decades. Maybe it reminds people of a film reel or maybe nostalgia turns everything analog. People always think of digital as 'not really there', but the thing is, information is always physically present. It doesn't exist as some formless nothing.

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tempanite 1 year, 5 months ago
Everything that can store analog data can store digital data, but not the other way around. So magnetic tape is analog because it can store analog data. A hard drive disk is digital as it can only store digital data.
Something that stores analog data can store digital data by assigning the highest values to 1 and the lowest to 0. So in the end calling something digital by it's capacity to store digital data is misleading as all analog devices in theory can be digital.

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