Tekken 7 - お父さん... - Kazuya Mishima and Script

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I remember receiving my first letter from my son a few years back. Scribbled on it, were the words: "I love you." I was so happy I cried. At the time, I believed that love was all that anyone needed. For some years now, I've been investigating a certain father and son, and I managed to get ahold of the first letter the boy wrote to his father. It said: "Father, one day I will tear you to pieces."

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user89332 2 years, 6 months ago
pretty good quote. I only know about kazuya because if smash bros, but this makes me want to learn more about his story line
xengar42_ 3 years ago
idk if it was good i cannot think of any good quotes shorter.
xengar42_ 3 years ago
can u guys let me know what you think of this quote

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