Boring Candidates - Charles Brettinger

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Our election system favors the interesting, entertaining candidates. They are the ones who draw crowds into the voting booths. When the candidates are boring, voters stay home and watch TV. Unfortunately, all else being equal, the boring people are the ones who are level headed and capable. We need to incentivize the act of passionlessly showing up to the voting booth to check off an important but boring box.

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slowtyper237 1 year ago
Look, no system involving people will probably ever be perfect. I think America isn't as bad as it seems, nor as good as it pretends to be. But I don't think passionless voting will help. Instead, we should have the Supreme Court set up a series of high-stakes games that each president candidate and their four most trusted aides must participate in testing their political prowess, war-time leadership, economical level-headedness, popularity, and diplomatic suaveness. And maybe e-sports too, just for the fun of it. The entrance fee is your first-born child and a percentage of your net worth --- the duration of the games will be a whole month. The incumbent president has the right (and is recommended) to use their previous results instead of participating. The whole thing will be broadcasted like the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup. For fairness, club Kakerou will referee. AMERICA!

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