I Wished He Cheated - Anonymous

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The other day, I was sitting on my bed. I was thinking, intensely about my recent breakup. Trying to find every single reason why he would do that, even after him explaining. His reasoning made sense, I guess that made it hurt more. I wished he had cheated, because I wanted a reason to hate him. I wanted a reason to be mad at him for breaking up with me. But he didn't, he didn't cheat, he told me the truth. I just have to learn to accept what it is.

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jessicarusso416 7 months ago
Saw both your quotes and just wanted to say, hang in there! I also wrote a quote about a breakup a few years ago. It popped up for me after I had found someone new and better, and I decided to add another quote about how things change and improve, even after you think you couldn't possibly love again. You can and you will :)

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