Why are people so immature?

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When people post quotes that are filled with errors, these errors trip up other typists. I have noticed that some of the people who post stupid quotes with errors don't even use this site to practice their typing (they haven't even taken any typing tests) - they just come on this site to troll around, harass people and make idiots of themselves. I have left comments for people informing them of the errors in their quotes, expecting them to be mature individuals who would say "thank for pointing that out. I will fix it right away." Instead, I have been threated with violence, and even rape - just because I point out errors in someone's quote. I mean, how insecure and immature do you have to be to feel it appropriate to threaten to come to my house and "wreck" me just because I point out typos in your quote?

This question goes out to all the emotionally mature users of this site: If someone pointed out an error in your quote, would you not appreciate their taking the time to relay that information to you so that you could fix your error? Do you agree that it's inappropriate to threaten people with violence and to verbally assault them instead?
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By weesin - posted: 3 months, 2 weeks ago

What is wrong with you? You're speaking to a grown woman with children. You're not talking about one of your little idiot friends. Be respectful...or at least decent
By ezprezo - posted: 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Sorry sweetheart. Thank you for being such a good girlfriend!!
By endvisible - posted: 3 months ago

Just in case there are any newcomers in this thread, the gist of this is to discuss the lackadaisical quotes people often submit that are filled to the brim with incorrect spelling, grammar, or actual worth. We have concluded that people come here to type and improve their WPM, but worrying about someone's poor grammar makes it difficult to have a decent average.

As a blanket statement, we are here to improve our running skills, not our ability to dodge obstacles along the way. I believe that the only quotes that are healthy to have trouble with are those with difficult wording or names. I don't want to have to deal with a quote that says "My favorite artist is Micheal Jackson," when my brain is automatically going to type it correctly, and it'll end up hurting my average.

Also, there is a distinct lesson about internet etiquette to be learned here. From all the users purposefully being annoying or rude, and those choosing to give them a reaction, we learn why feeding the troll simply derails the thread. In other words, and to give any older internet users a laugh, "This is why we can't have nice things."
By twofingertyper - posted: 3 months ago

They made a random post on the thread. They weren't addressing you in any way, and to quote your own words, you "slung personal insults at people on this site until (before) they first do so towards me." Maybe they had insulted you in the past, whatever, but they were just making a random post in the thread, not addressing you at all, and you felt the need to spew vitriol at them. Who's the hypocrite, then? iamacow wasn't addressing you.

You're far too old to be playing the victim because some children made facetious threats directed at you. Grow up, weesin. If you could get over it, then maybe you'd stop being so insufferable on here, which would in turn stop people from wanting to "verbally assault" (I repeat, lol) you. All you have to do is stop taking things so seriously and calm the superiority complex a bit. Just a little bit! Not even a lot. If you don't give trolls things to feed off of, they'll go away. Unless, of course, you just like the attention.
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By ignitor135 - posted: 3 months ago

I've been sitting on the side observing this for the however long this post has been up for now, and weesin, I agree with everybody that has been saying that you take things too seriously. This website is supposed to be a friendly website where people are trying to learn or practice how to type and I know you probably mean well by saying you are just trying to inform them and they are the ones being rude, but the way you reply is people isn't someone who seems polite, but way too serious and judging. Calm down, this is literally just a typing practice website, no need to get so worked up about the people just sharing their opinions about what your original post said. I feel like it was right of you to share your experiences with the community of this website, but I honestly think you need to try and chill out and be more polite towards the community for you to achieve some respect from us. If you gained our respect and became someone we all feel like we should listen to, then these arguments in your forums or any forum you comment on would never start.
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