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Muhammad Sufiyan

chrisgerrby 1 día, 1 hora atrás
Such a bunch of nonsense. Have you ever heard of depression or high hedonic set point?

Kimi no na wa

hunterz1200 1 día, 12 horas atrás
Kimi no Na wa is such a masterpiece of a movie.


hunterz1200 1 día, 12 horas atrás
While not a very interesting quote, I thank you for giving me somewhat of a break. It's nice to have something straight-forward once in a while.

Gold D. Roger

huntercrop 1 día, 16 horas atrás
That's correct, the correct name is Gol D. Roger

Michael Scott

bvw 2 días, 11 horas atrás
The world exists for the good of mankind, so it's true that people will never be replaced by machines by the proprieter.

Michael Scott

chrisgerrby 2 días, 11 horas atrás
"People will never be replaced by machines."
What a bunch of nonsense.

Logan Smith

user546595 2 días, 20 horas atrás

Gold D. Roger

kiriiya 3 días, 6 horas atrás
Isn't it spelt Gol?


huntercrop 3 días, 8 horas atrás
What's wrong with ABBA?

Baine Bloodhoof

huntercrop 3 días, 8 horas atrás
Hardcore, nice

Rebecca Hansen

kiriiya 3 días, 16 horas atrás
Please stick to one way of spelling dehumanisation.

From me, to you.

kiriiya 3 días, 16 horas atrás
Oh fuck off.

Friedrich Nietzsche

kiriiya 3 días, 16 horas atrás
Please remove this garbage from the site and spare any unsuspecting souls from the carnage you have brought upon us.

Friedrich Nietzsche

kiriiya 3 días, 16 horas atrás
the fact that people upvote this quote makes me question why I still use this site


bvw 3 días, 18 horas atrás
That sounds "scientific" and it seems to be to be "science fiction" like that L. Ron Hubbard would write, and then becoming adept at interpersonal interaction, in the same framing as his fictionology, he start a "religion". But maybe you and this quote come to it not via Hubbard and scientology. Okay, in that case I'll just note that anger is an intrinsic human emotion, and it does not have to be taught to become a strong thing in a human life. Anger is dangerous, very destructive, but the real true way of this existance is that anger has to be 'untaught', or rather parents must reach out and work to train their children to manage anger, to minimize it, to keep it only for the rarest circumstance. The proper circumstance: righteous anger. So that means also teaching that there is a right and a wrong, and that it comes from G-d, more by revelation and caretaking than by logic.


mcspeller 4 días, 4 horas atrás
How did this quote get through? It's literally ABBA.

Fisherman TES IV Oblivion

erikabranch 4 días, 7 horas atrás
Please replace "damned" with a more youth-appropriate word. Thanks.

Bruce Lee

sohpe 4 días, 9 horas atrás
the first line "pour water in a cup" should be "pour water INTO a cup" please fix.

check the quote in youtube if u dont believe me^_^

YZP Unknown

peter00151 4 días, 10 horas atrás
Tried should be "tired" at the beginning... just trying to get that achievement badge while making a fun quote... hopefully it is fun...

Logan Smith

caitlinmarie94 5 días, 10 horas atrás
How do you call this a quote? Just a bunch of drivel.