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jerry.bribbs 10 meses atrás
I find this interesting. I express pride in your boldness of learning new keyboard languages.
colemak4ergodox 2 años, 4 meses atrás
A month and a half ago (Jan 21, 2018) I was hunt-and-peck typing at ~20wpm, because on that day I switched from QWERTY to Colemak. From that day, I started practicing every day on another typing tutor website ( After one month of typing Colemak on a regular shaped keyboard, I switched to an Ergodox keyboard ( and it took me about a week to start to get comfortable with the new shape. I intend to continue practicing every day for half an hour or so, as I have been, and I hope that by the end of the year I'll be on the leaderboards and someone will actually read this post and be amazed that I went from 20wpm to over 150wpm in less than a year.
colemak4ergodox 2 años, 4 meses atrás
My tip to improve your typing speed is to switch to a more efficient key arrangement like Colemak, or an ortholinear/split keyboard like ErgoDox. Being a beginner again for a month or two is worth a lifetime of better speed and less strain on your hands and arms.
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New layout and new keyboard shape
Último inicio de sesión 6 meses, 2 semanas atrás
Fecha de ingreso 2 años, 4 meses atrás
Teclado / Ordenador Portátil Ergodox EZ
Asignación de teclado COLEMAK
Uso de la computadora 0-4 horas / día
Citas 3