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seminole34 2 años, 9 meses atrás
Hello – I’m a recruiter with Fortune 200 global organization looking for Typists, Transcriptionists, and Executive Assistants to join the team in our Global Headquarters located in Greenwich, CT USA.

In these positions you will have the opportunity to attend business critical meetings, interviews, and phone conversations with top executives to take detailed, accurate notes and disseminate information. If interested, please contact me at

firefingers1992 4 años, 1 mes atrás
Hey user72299, sorry this reply took so long. Here are some tips on how you can get to at least 100 wpm: Practice for at least 4 days per week, 1.5 hours per day. If you need to, you can even type for 45 minutes(with drinking water now and then, really quick), and then come back to it with 45 minutes again. Also, practice the piano. That will help. If you keep going on keyhero, that will help. Hey, you might want to email me @ That way, we can reach each other. Again, I apologize for such a late response.
user72299 4 años, 9 meses atrás
Hello, Russell
Terrific speed! Truly impressive.
I am at 50wpm going on 60. I practice every day for at least an hour. Any tips on how I could get to at least 100wpm?
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