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robynthompkins._ 7 meses atrás
hi wyd lets be friend...
robynthompkins._ 7 meses atrás
hi wyd lets be friend...
swoleverine 6 años atrás
thanks for the tips! my peek speed is 60 WPM and average is 46 wpm I started 2 weeks ago when my average was 34 wpm
skatoulaki 6 años atrás
What really helped me improve my typing speed is...typing every day. I first learned to type through a 6-month typing course in high school a LONG time ago. In secretarial school several years later, I improved my speed, and when I became a secretary, typing became part of my everyday life at work.

Take a typing course to learn to type properly. I type so much that most of the letters on my keyboards (at home and at the office) are worn off, so I couldn't look at them even if I wanted to haha!

It takes time, time, and more time, but once you learn to type without looking at the keyboard, muscle memory takes over and you type without really thinking; your fingers type some words "automatically" and muscle memory helps you to increase your speed.

Good luck! Don't give up! You'll get there!
skatoulaki 6 años, 2 meses atrás
When my fingers hurt after too much time on the keyboard, I take a short break and stretch my fingers. At work, if I'm typing so much that my fingers hurt, I switch to another task that doesn't involve typing (filing, etc.) to give my hands a rest.
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I'm a secretary at a hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. I've been typing for too many years to count haha!
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