The Human Tush - Hawkeye, M*A*S*H

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What a unique device, the human tush. An architectural wonder, one of a kind... actually two of a kind. Designed to support our weight for a lifetime of sitting. It also has the subtlety to do the samba. And when attached to certain members of the female species, at a time when light summer dresses are worn, can cause some of us to drive our cars straight up a lamppost.

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user85577 2 semanas, 5 días atrás
kNo words
anshsaini 2 semanas, 5 días atrás
What did I just type.
weesin 1 año, 9 meses atrás
I agree, it's a good quote. However, it contains punctuation issues that should be addressed
throwawei 1 año, 9 meses atrás

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