Future - Jordan B. Peterson

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If you actually want something, you can have it. The question then is what do you mean by actually want? And the answer is, you reorient your life in every possible way to make the probability that that will occur as certain as possible. And that's a sacrificial idea, right? It's like you don't get everything, obviously... But maybe you can have what you need, and maybe all you have to do to get it is ask; but asking isn't a whim, or today's wish. You have to be deadly serious about it.

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weesin 2 meses, 3 semanas atrás
In theory, yes I agree with what he's saying. However, Hitler had some great things to say about protecting the welfare of animals - but being such a vile human being, I'd prefer to not have to read a Hitler quote. Same with Peterson quotes. The man makes me cringe.

By the by, you do an admirable job of playing devil's advocate
imustbeabigot 2 meses, 3 semanas atrás
But do you both agree or disagree with the quote? Politics aside, and whether I agree with how he operates or not, can we read this quote as if it was written by someone else and gets something out of it?

Just a little devil's advocate for you
weesin 2 meses, 4 semanas atrás
He's a misogynist, ignorant pig
sanguinius 2 meses, 4 semanas atrás
Peterson's a piece of shit.

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