Coxism # 22 - Scrubs - Season 1

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I'm gonna break you down into so many little pieces that my grandmother, who can do a thousand-piece puzzle of clear-blue sky in less than an hour, will never be able to finish putting you back together again. Even if she does go back in time to when her vision was perfect.

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slowtyper237 5 meses, 3 semanas atrás
When I close my eyes I still find myself searching for that MISSING PIECE OF THAT 1000 PIECE PUZZLE I NEVER COMPLETED FROM 8 YEARS AGO AHHHH
mollohan_hannah 2 años, 8 meses atrás
wHeRe cAn I FiNd iT
weesin 2 años, 8 meses atrás
This is a classic "Cox rant". Dr Cox is one of the regular characters on the show called "Scrubs" and he's known for his super verbose, often rude and critical tyrades. They're really quite funny. You should check this show out...
mollohan_hannah 2 años, 8 meses atrás
very morbid... I like it

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