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In life we face obstacles. In life we face hardships. But in life we must surpass these obstacles and hardships with the simple solutions. A solution can involve one simple thing, our mind. Our mind is the ultimate tool to solve almost any issue we face in life; it can surpass obstacles, hardships, and anything else life has to throw at us.

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weesin 2 años, 6 meses atrás
@kirklandmay - I just noticed that you weren't even the one who posted this quote - so why are you being all childish and defensive? Grow up buddy!
weesin 2 años, 6 meses atrás
You're so mature @kirklandmay! Rather than accept feedback, you've decided to be defensive, childish and immature. If you don't want feedback (whether positive or negative), DON'T POST TO PUBLIC SITES! There's a mechanism for leaving comments for a reason and people have the right to do so. If your fragile ego cannot handle criticism, YOU should "go some where else and leave us alone". By the by, "some where" should be typed as "somewhere"
kirklandmay 2 años, 6 meses atrás
go some where else and leave us alone
weesin 2 años, 6 meses atrás
Awkward wording. And 'harships' should be typed as 'hardships'

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