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I like drinking coffee alone and reading alone. I like riding the bus alone and walking home alone. It gives me time to think and set my mind free. I like eating alone and listening to music alone. But when I see a mother with her child, a girl with her lover, or a friend laughing with their best friend, I realize that even though I like being alone, I don't fancy being lonely. The sky is beautiful, but the people are sad. I just need someone who won't run away.

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user63736 5 años, 10 meses atrás
Sniff... alone? Is this for real?
afbwelter 9 años, 5 meses atrás
It's kind of sad that this quote exemplifies me as a person. Although, I do have someone that won't run away, I just never seem to be able to force myself to spend enough time with that person. Maybe tomorrow.

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