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mike uit nederland
hmmmm...English might be nice....

mike uit nederland
Seems to be just a combination of sentences rather than a single actual quote. Some ...

This "quote" needs some work. The wording becomes sloppy and confusing in the last sentence...

not sure why this quote is getting such high ratings...there's an error in it... "where ...

I'm not saying that bullying isn't wrong, but it is not bullying that causes depression ...


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David J. Griffiths - Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
The statistical interpretation introduces a kind of indeterminacy into quantum mechanics, for even if you know everything the theory has to tell you about the particle (to wit: its wave function), still you cannot predict with certainty the outcome of a simple experiment to measure its position - all quantum mechanics has to offer is statistical information about the possible results. This indeterminacy has been profoundly disturbing to physicists and philosophers alike.

David J. Griffiths
In a mathematical sense this is all applied group theory - what we are talking about is the decomposition of the direct product of two irreducible representations of the rotation group into a direct sum of irreducible representations (you can quote that, to impress your friends).