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Messages 4 semaines, 1 jour avant
This routine will help you to reach a speed of 100 in around 3-5 months. 4 semaines, 1 jour avant
If you'd like to know some good tips for improving typing here are some of the best that helped me.
1. Make sure that you are fully confident with touch typing (don't look at the keyboard).
2. Pick a quote or write a quote that is full of easy and common words and constantly type on that ensure that you have a high accuracy and slowly increase speed. Note that meanwhile you can also type normal quotes for getting your hand used to them but repetition is key.
3. After getting confident with typing easy words start on typing normal quotes once a day for about an hour. During this time mainly focus on accuracy and control of your hands on the keyboard speed is not all that necessary it's something that comes along as you get better at typing.
Good luck and God bless.
user85577 2 mois, 4 semaines avant
vallenatoman 3 mois, 2 semaines avant
Thanks, keep striving! :D
slowtyper237 4 mois avant
impressionante,that's japanese for awesome
vallenatoman 4 mois avant
Good luck bro!
slowtyper237 4 mois avant
Nice graph, keep it up!
bvw 7 mois, 1 semaine avant
Broke my right thumb once I hit 60 wpm. So, that's good. Another hurdle to work to get over. Hurdles are valuable. We don't live in Flatland.
bvw 1 année, 3 mois avant
All that glitters is not iron pyrite.
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I learned to hunt and peck in the days of the 150 baud Model 37 Teletype, 029 IBM card punches and Underwood typewriters. Now I'm relearning after have been utterly embarrased by 7th graders whilst substitute teaching a modern keyborading class.
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Clavier / Portable Apple
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