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petcham 5 mois avant
Yo! Thanks for those encouraging words on my message wall! I didn't think anyone would actually read it, I put it there mostly for myself. Good luck to your endeavors as well!
ldrin01 10 mois avant
yo, take care always
camberden 10 mois avant
Oof, just hit 119.53wpm on a test, so close to my next milestone of 120wpm.
Yeah, it was a short quote, but it feels super awesome nonetheless! ✨
steve1 10 mois, 1 semaine avant
hello what pizza flavour do u like
user401321 1 année avant
Amazing job bud, one day you'll be able to hit 120, and then 130, and so on so forth
camberden 1 année avant
Heck yes, just hit 110wpm today.
Another milestone hit! ♪
zxcv 1 année avant
Great job with how far you've gone with your typing endeavors. Don't mind me, I'm just a random person that was scrolling through the forums and wanted to congradulate you after seeing your persistance with your typing practice. :D
camberden 1 année, 3 mois avant
I hit above 100wpm on a test today!
So exciting to have hit such a milestone! <3
camberden 1 année, 6 mois avant
Very happy with the fact that I consistently hit around 70wpm or above! Quite some progressing coming from a hunt-and-pecker just a year ago.
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A Little Kid 101.84 100% 2 heures, 28 minutes avant
Hi, I'm Camberden.
I'm a correctional officer, a linguistics graduate, a former regional security manager, and a furloughed junior software engineer.

Continually learning to become a more proficient typist, and as a result, a better future professional technologist!
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Clavier / Portable WASDkeyboard
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