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fiddledy_rick 1 mois avant
Wait what the hell is this? I just saw this comment somewhere else did you copy paste it here?
elpepe02931 1 mois avant
For the short time that I've been here, I have only stumbled upon contemptuous comments from you. Maybe it's just out of chance or something but it's understandable that some people may take offense to those comments especially if it's directed towards them. Other than that I honestly quite like this website and I'm interested to hear what people have to say. How about maybe forgetting about all the toxicity and raise the wholesomeness a little since after all it's only a typing website even though it's more like a stress relief/meditative hobby for me :)
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Mary Chase 22.23 78.2% 1 mois avant
Guía del autoestopista galáctico 37.37 94.4% 1 mois avant
Ernesto Sábato 37.01 97.7% 1 mois avant
Jorge Bucay 39.19 97.0% 1 mois avant
Parks and Recreation 24.23 82.5% 1 mois avant
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Maes Hughes 28.84 89.7% 1 mois avant
Mathias Malzieu 31.92 96.5% 1 mois avant
Dernière connexion 1 mois, 1 semaine avant
Date d'inscription 1 mois, 1 semaine avant
Clavier / Portable Razer
Configuration du clavier QWERTY
Utilisation des ordis 0-4 heures / jour
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