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kkyaman111 2 années avant
When my fingers start to hurt after a while I.... get up and make a sandwich, order a big pizza, and a few tubs of ice cream and then I'm all set. I LOVE FOOD! XD
user54842 2 années avant
Watch your hand placement, and try memorizing the position of each and every key. By the time you're done, you'll know if you did something wrong without even having to look.
kkyaman111 2 années, 2 mois avant
What really helped me improve my typing speed is...
The quotes. They make me more involved and happier...... unless its about sad times........ (:(
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Cody Johnson 47.83 96.9% 2 années avant
unknown 0.00 15.8% 2 années avant
Rinna Ogilvie 45.33 94.8% 2 années avant
D.H. Lawrence 0.00 2.2% 2 années avant
Nihkil Patel 39.92 92.2% 2 années avant
Neil Gaiman 42.68 97.4% 2 années avant
Bertrand Russell 40.49 98.7% 2 années avant
Thanos Rex 43.58 97.6% 2 années avant
― George Bernard Shaw 46.62 98.9% 2 années avant
Jerry Seinfeld 40.71 100% 2 années avant
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Snapchat: mckayla_hirsch
Roblox: kkyaman
Animal Jam: kk10237
find me on any of these if you want! I might not accept so just try again and I will... most likely
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Date d'inscription 2 années, 3 mois avant
Clavier / Portable GSI
Configuration du clavier QWERTY
Utilisation des ordis 0-4 heures / jour
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