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mothertrucker 1 semaine avant
140 average.
nilsthebest 2 semaines, 5 jours avant
To answer your question, yes it is, but that's only because I am used to it (have been using AZERTY ever since I was really young). If I asked someone if QWERTY was easier to type on, they'd probably answer the same thing; that they're just used to it. The main (and probably only) reason I type on this layout is because it has some characters that other keyboards do not have (I think), which is accents. "é", "è", "ê", "à", "ç", "ù", etc. are letters that are often used in french, and since I live in France, I often have to type in french and thus use accents.
nilsthebest 3 semaines avant
Hey, nice!
mothertrucker 3 semaines avant
Rank 361.
Not bad at all.
mothertrucker 3 semaines avant
Those are over a period of over 2, nearly 3 years.
eventlogging 3 semaines avant
when on your profile you state `Computer usage: 0-4 hours / day `, but you have 755 games played.
excuse me what
user241035 3 semaines, 2 jours avant
i bet i can beat you at typing.
mothertrucker 2 mois avant
Yeah, but I don't give tips to others to teach them how to type better.
plex_is_better 2 mois, 1 semaine avant
Aren't you also below 140wpm average?
mothertrucker 2 mois, 1 semaine avant
People who post tips on here and are below 140wpm average.. why?
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Martin Luther King 134.56 97.2% 2 jours avant
Isabelle 137.74 98.4% 2 jours avant
Dernière connexion 2 mois avant
Date d'inscription 2 années, 10 mois avant
Clavier / Portable HP
Configuration du clavier QWERTY
Utilisation des ordis 0-4 heures / jour
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