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weiahe 11 mois, 2 semaines avant
Ok, good idea to edit quotes. I do prefer dvorak over qwerty, not because I can type faster (80 wpm with qwerty 90 wpm with dvorak), but because it's much more comfortable and I get less hand strain. Search up dvorak on google. And on most operating systems it's easy to switch back and forth between qwerty and dvorak.
sabih.gh 1 année avant
Also it's interesting that you're using DVORAK, haven't had any experience with it but I've seen a few vids of how it is. Do you rather DVORAK to QWERTY? and if so is there a reason? I demand answers XD
sabih.gh 1 année avant
Lol nice quotes. I saw that you're saying you'd rather not have some of your quotes and my way of handling that is if you're writing a new quote instead of making a whole new one you can just edit author, title and the quote itself of the ones that you don't want. Either way I think they were good.
kiriiya 1 année, 5 mois avant
Bless your tiny heart. Amen and Awomen.
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I just started learning the DVORAK layout on Oct 6 2020, and created this account to track my progress.
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Clavier / Portable HP
Configuration du clavier DVORAK
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