The Plague of Fantasies - Slavoj Zizek

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If the modernist universe is the universe, hidden behind the screen, of bytes, wires and chips, of electric current, the postmodernist universe is the universe of naive trust in the screen which makes the very quest for 'what lies behind it' irrelevant.

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bvw 5 années, 2 mois avant
Insightful and timely. But most book reading is of dime novels. Words and the storys, the light they can convey are very very powerful, it is overwhelming. So the adept reader seeks comfort in the pulp, the regularity of it. Likewise with software and electronic innovations: most of the stuff that pays for creating it is pulp and pablum. Far more so than even pulp novels.

Thus even the creators have become simpletons and forceably apply methods -- such as scrums and continous incremental builds that aggregate over a few decades into no one knowing how their own systems work - even those developing them. This, I am guessing (from similar experience in aviation systems) is the reason why the wonderful jets of Boeing: from the 707 in 1960 to one of the best engineering feats of all time -- the 747, circa mid 1970's -- is now likely dead by stupidity of software. (737 long)

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