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I don't have any problems writing complex, obnoxious and just awkward and complicated or protracted words in a writing test the first time I see them. But if an obnoxious word comes once again, I have trouble writing that obnoxious word again correctly, while maintaining my speed. Maintaining speed is hard. Maintaining speed throughout a test is something I cannot do very well. Sorry for this quote.

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allors.4612 3 années, 2 mois avant
Curse you for this. Have an upvote.
kiriiya 3 années, 2 mois avant
So sad that this site has become plagued with low-quality quotes from people who think they had a quirky thought.
weiahe 3 années, 7 mois avant
Look at the score distrubituon lol its worse than most quotes
therobotclustr2 5 années, 6 mois avant
therobotcluster 5 années, 8 mois avant
This quote has a lot of words I have a hard time with. Now I just have to get over 100 wpm on it ;)
brumpus45 6 années avant
I swear, this quote is something else, I'll tell ya. lol

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