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The kindest people are often the most haunted, desperately hoping that they can make the world you see better than the one that they do. Inner turmoil is one of the very few truly lasting motivators to do better. How many times do we see someone with a dark past burning the candle at both ends trying to make the world just a little brighter for the people around them? I often wonder how many suicide victims ended it because they simply didn't have anything left to give.

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bvw 1 année, 8 mois avant
That quote is quite depraved, psychologically. Yes. A person who indulges his or her own "inner turmoil" to fuel some sick form of "kindness" will always become burnt out. It's the wrong fuel, used the wrong way. Your life is not your own, it is God's. If your inner turmoil is used as a fuel for whatever motive, except to reduce it first, reduce the harms that are afflicted upon the body and spirit by burning the candle at both ends. You must be kind. Whether you are in inner turmoil or not! Be kind to yourself first and heal thyself. That is an obligation to God and your fellows. Once ayou get that lined up properly, then reach out to help others.

Now there are bad people who can mass up against you. And there are bad times, when the bad ones weild too much of the power in a society, in a family, in a workplace. That is tough on the psyche and can hurt, a lot.

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