Who's real and who's fake - An upset soul

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People always try to impress others by being someone else. What happens when they find out who you really are, inside and out? Can you blame them for not wanting to be your friend, or not having anything to do with the real you?

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bvw 9 mois, 4 semaines avant
It is a world of misconceptions. Often a person who presents hi or her self honsetly is still misunderstood, or even lied about. It's best to look for the good in others, while acting with alacrity and accuracy on actual undeniable malice against yourself. And as to friends: be friends with yourself first. Interestingly, viewing others positively can make it easier for a person to be friends with the person's own self. Excuse and forgive others -- honest forgiveness does not deny dangers and realized harms -- but still forgive. That is practise for forgiving yourself. Likewise mitigate the dangers and risks in behavior that you yourself pose to all around you. Mostly that means to learn more, practise second thoughts, counting to ten, etc. etc. Turn off the TV, back out of "social media". "Social Media" is a madhouse, an actual hall of the insane, a trap.
coffee-is-me 1 année avant
namehere 1 année avant
Why don't you just edit the text weesin.
You do see the option there, right?
weesin 1 année avant
the last sentence is seriously in need of some punctuation...

if you're going to post personal "quotes", please take the time to edit them for accuracy in both spelling and punctuation

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