Welcome to Night Vale - Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor

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The living tell the dying not to leave, and the dying do not listen. The dying tell us not to be sad for them, and we do not listen. The dialogue between the living and the dead is full of misunderstanding and silence.

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weesin 4 années, 12 mois avant
Agreed. @bvm is often too dark, or goes off on tangents or religious craziness
zalyx 4 années, 12 mois avant
bvw is too dark for me
bvw 5 années, 4 mois avant
I've been a'dying a few times. Thank G-d, I did not, and I am very very thankful for those repreives. I was obviouysly dying -- death was more certain than not. And I might have asked floks not to be sad, but to what end? Their sadness was already real and I was not yet dead! When I survived in, in most cases of family and friends, they had already made me as if dead in their minds. Recapturing a "fullness of my own life" in the minds of most except the most initmate -- my wife, for example, is almost impossible. Somehow, in their minds, as I perceive it again and again, it is as if I am not really here, or still about to check out, my very existence with them is discounted, it is quite maddening should I not see it as very human.

And of the "dead", they are dead. There is no dialogue. In my case both the first and second premises of the quote are not found as fact.

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