A Fortunate Life - A. B. Facey

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When we arrived at the twenty-five mile mark we stopped near a creek, took the horse out of the sulky, gave him a drink and then put the nose-bag on him for his meal. Jack and I sat on a log and ate our sandwiches. This man was one of the nicest and most understanding I had ever met. He told me he was from Scotland and that his father was financing him to become a farmer.

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bvw 10 mois avant
Yesterday on WPRB midday I listened to a eclectic jazz show where I heard three notes played on a piano that moved me greatly with their beauty, a great piano, well-tuned, a great player, and a good song. Those notes three were simple, but they spanned from one end of the universe to the other, and then were gone.

So is a moment like the one described here in this text copied out of a book from an observer of the greatness of everyday life.

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