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How do I explain gay people to my kids? Well, if you can lie to them about an immortal dude in a red suit who lives at the North Pole and travels through the sky by being pulled by magical flying deer, then it should be easy enough to tell them the truth about two people in love.

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bvw 5 années, 8 mois avant
Unnamed, unaccountabke, mean and selfish. Big roll-up of nastiness in that "saying".

Now it's true that there's a link between the concept and practise of childhood fables training in idolatry, such as Santa Claus, and the current sad fad of "gay". Santa himself is described in some X-mas songs as a "gay old elf".

Love like that ain't love, or ain't much love, for in homosexuality is a selfish trap, like being committed to materialism uber alles. And a whole bunch of teh Nazis were "gay" , cross-dressers, albeit. Sad, tragic. Yet thieves do know and love one another, the bonds of the corrupt are tight! Hold mafias together. Including pink ones. It's not wrong to call it love, but it's wrong love. Like any other human motive and reaction to that motive, of action and decision to act upon that motive, there is good and bad.

Man-man sex is a wrong. Love is good.
oremus 6 années avant
This is facile.

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