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Whether you are at work or at school, there will be a time where your mind travels to places beyond your understanding. Until you hear your name shouted at you by your teacher or your boss, you will still be traveling. So join me and we can travel together. This time even when people shout at you, you will not hear anything.

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bvw 9 months, 1 week ago
We are always alone on such journeys, as they are held with the castle keeps of our bodies and minds. See! Even the mind is within the head, which is kept at a distance from the body. And in the head, the mind is within a thick rock-like skull. And between the mind and the rest of the body there are gate-like organs and screen-like membranes. In the mind on such journeys we are alone.

To be with others we must come out into the full body, and through all our senses, muscles, winds, and movements we commune with others. This is a great joy too!

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