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bvw 11 hours, 45 minutes ago
In cars and motorcycles, such vehicles as wheel upon the ground, one must avoid the high speeds that I have needed, because of a visual failing twas borne with. Such speeds are unsafe! I have paid big prices in pain, danger and fine for my high speed driving. Many decades has it taken to slow me down to humane speeds. By the grace of G-d, I pray, mercy for any who I might have in some way endangered or harmed by speeding, not last of which myself. To go faster than 80 please rent a plane or jet.

But type as fast as you can!
bvw 1 month ago
When I was a lad, a car doing 50 was very fast. Yet when I became a "mature" adult: how many miles have I driven over 100 mph, and many more over 70! In that 1950 era, tires, roads, suspensions and engines all beasts and primitive compared to today. I am happy to have achieved 50 wpm with the help of Keyhero!
bvw 7 months, 2 weeks ago
This site is a precious gem.
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I learned to hunt and peck in the days of the 150 baud Model 37 Teletype, 029 IBM card punches and Underwood typewriters. Now I'm relearning after have been utterly embarrased by 7th graders whilst substitute teaching a modern keyborading class.
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