Ludwig Von Mises

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It is always the individual who thinks. Society does not think any more than it eats or drinks. The evolution of human reasoning from the naive thinking of primitive man to the more subtle thinking of modern science took place within society. However, thinking itself is always an achievement of individuals. There is joint action, but no joint thinking.

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bvw 5 years, 2 months ago
Ludvig! You are largely tight to right on this matter -- for thinking is individual only, and a society does not think thoughts in the immediate sense! But in the long term sense it does! Because we do indeed think jointly! And how is that? HERE, here in these words, you the reader have my thoughts too! And my thoughts include the words, the alphabets, the tools and means of conveying ideas such as paper, such as computers, screens, keyboards, etc. -- all of which include indirectly the thougts of others and even do so directly. For we do not share thoughts but what have understandable, society defined words and meanings, and likewise too with most understandings we take away from viewing images and photos. A person in a culture frames nearly all thoughts from the media developed by many humans in societies from long ago, and in the now.

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