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Children who doubt their parents love towards them will grow up to have hearts as strong as steel, but minds full of doubts. But bad things do have some good in them, as the children who have grown up without love will be careful, as to not make the same mistakes their parents have made.

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bvw 2 months, 2 weeks ago
A child can not help but learn from the parents. The bad habits and not so good styles of the parents will be copied by the child. It's hard to throw them off! That takes low probability circumstances, or a fortunate, morally, adulthood where the child is blessed with the moral strength and external environment to do so. I think God gives all a chance to do so, so that's hopeful, but bad habits of the parent, like the good habits are by NATURE passed along, indeed, by NATURE, the more hurtful habits may be somewhat preferred.

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