Love - Hailey Evans

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Love is like a four leaf clover. Love is hard to find, but lucky to have. Love is hard and stressful, love is sad, and complicated, love is fun, and amazing, but you will never find that love without trying. Keeping love is hard as hell, but in the end it feels like heaven. Love is unexplainable, but you know what it is. And your love is out there somewhere, wanting you to let him or her in.

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weesin 1 year ago
oops....sorry...I was super confusing...I typed "view things" instead of "few things".

It's probably a good idea to have my morning coffee before I start typing....
weesin 1 year ago
I can think of view things that irritate me more than these super sappy, heart-felt personal quotes that appear to be written by a teenager...

How about posting a quote with some substance?
bvw 1 year ago
Wow, sugar-pony vapidity plied upon sirupy vacuity. May have been written after a binge at IHOP or something like that. Coke is Love: that was what Coca-Cola used as an advertising slogan many years ago. Just as profound. Coke syrup is nasty stuff on car paint, ruins it. Only raw eggs are worse. One analogy I saw in this I want to address : that's it is hard to find a four leaf clover. I found many in my family's yard back in 1964 or so, In NJ. About the same year one of my playmates. Tommy, in the neighborhood died of a very fast leukemia. That was a just after the US gave up nuclear bomb testing out in Nevada, far away. I liked Tommy, but I hadn't seen him for quite a few months so I asked my parents if they knew if he had moved away or something. None of us kids were told he died. Different world then. Or that he was sick. But there were many four leaf clovers.

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