Greatest things. - Me, with my strange choice of adjectives

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The greatest things in life aren't things. They are people. We cherish them with all we have and that makes us care about is so much that it is really precious to you. For everyone, there is their own greatest thing. Whether it be a person or an item that you love so much that you would throw your life away.

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weesin 1 month ago
This quote is terrible. Full of errors. You didn't capitalize the start of the second sentence. Also, "and that makes us care about is so much" doesn't make sense at all. Also, "for everyone, there is their own greatest thing" is super sloppy and awkward. And you've neglected to capitalize yet another sentence - this time you have forgotten to capitalize the word "whether". You've also typed "a item" instead of "an item". And the last sentence is sloppy and awkward as well.

Take the time to edit your quotes prior to submitting them or don't post quotes in the first place please. People shouldn't have to suffer through typing your many errors!

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