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keynasty 12 months ago
@loef Haha. You're awesome; glad you're enjoying them! :D
leof 12 months ago
Your quotes are the best!
keynasty 12 months ago
My tip to improve your typing speed is to not "down-vote" every difficult quote that you will inevitably be pit against and (assumed) stuggle to type. Just do it. Just type the darn quote; no matter how verbose, difficult, or silly it may appear; there's a lesson to be learnt.
keynasty 12 months ago
What really helped me improve my typing speed was to eschew personal perferrences of completing solely the "easy" quotes during "Typing Practice." Surrmounting extensively complex and challenging paragraphs, especially contributions containing superfluous punctuational marks or numbers, amplifies your 'keyboard awareness', 'keystroke accuracy', and 'typing speed'.
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