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stophe 1 semana, 4 días atrás
I love the white keyboard thing
kiriiya 1 mes atrás
No. I only press escape when I encounter a shitty pseudo-quote from some wannabe writer. Escaping quotes that are hard would just make your actual speed tank in the long-run. The answer really just is that I'm black.
user958697 1 mes atrás
Lemme guess a fourth time. This time I know my guess is right. Secret = Black. They are synonyms! So, what you said translates to "you have a secret because you are secretive". I think your secret is the escape key. You must be the one who left the quote on the lure of the escape key. Every time you encountered a difficult quote, or made a mistake, or did not perform well, you'd press the escape, and that way only the good results were kept on record. That's why your statistical trend curve is so smooth. But the truth is that every person's trajectory has ups and downs, peaks and troughs, extremities on both poles, and oscillates like crazy. That is my fourth guess.
kiriiya 1 mes atrás
I can't answer that because it would then cease to be a secret. But there are many keyboards, including laser-projected ones. There isn't any real limit. However, I prefer white keyboards because it makes it easier to confirm that I am indeed black.
user958697 1 mes atrás
I don't know what you mean. I did not ask a sincere question, either, so it's fair. I'm just fooling around wasting precious life. However, do you mean: 1) that you use a black theme? It'd make sense because I use the normal white theme and my eyes are exhausted; 2) that you are talking about race? It'd make even more sense, because I'm yellow (and cowardly). Black or white would indicate English as native language. Yellow such as me, not the case; or 3) that you use a black keyboard? You see, I paid attention. I read that you use comstomized keyboard. And I heard about (but do not know exactly) the different types of switches of a keyboard. What now, is there a black keyboard? Is there such a thing, I wonder.
kiriiya 1 mes atrás
My secret is that I'm black.
user958697 1 mes atrás
Funny story... At first, I was practicing at keyboard-racing dot com. But later, I migrated here because of a sexy lady's Youtube video that presents the typing at this site as a form of *ASMR*. The mentioned sexy lady's typing speed is also above 100WPM.
user958697 1 mes atrás
Oh my! I did not know the message board can become "alive"... and why are our speed curves so different? I practiced more than 8,000 games here and also more than 7,000 games at ( but my speed does not increase. What are your secrets... ladies?
venerated 1 mes atrás
observe this one. it appears that professors take credit for projects started under their authority even if a student works it out. kinda fair i guess
venerated 1 mes atrás
Jacqueline was waiting when the next data dump came into the computer. It was nearly midnight—a
typical working hour for a graduate student—only now she was not as lonely as she had been in
previous months when she had sat at this console in the early morning hours.
"Looks like a good dump," said Donald as he watched the Deep Space Network report build up on
his screen.
Jacqueline turned to smile at him, but was interrupted by another, less kindly voice.
"Clean up the low frequency radio data and do a quick plot on the screen," Professor Sawlinski

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