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Messages 2 meses atrás
Ok don't think anyone would stumble upon this but if you do here are some tips that can help with typing in general.

1. If you are a beginner then first make sure that you are confident with touch typing (don't look at the keyboard).

2. Choose or write a quote that contains most of the easy and common words used and type it multiple times until you become completely confident with typing easy words. Note that accuracy is one of the most important aspects of typing so don't go for speed go for accuracy and speed will come with it.

3. After gaining confidence start typing random quotes on this website (Which is the best website for improving speed imo) and type every day for about an hour and remember accuracy is key. This routine will help to reach speeds of 80-120 in around 6 months to a year.
kiriiya 3 meses atrás
Sit down and think on your actions little man.
gbzaid 6 meses, 1 semana atrás
Your max is 149.98, I'm sure you reach my speeds and beyond. 11 meses atrás
What really helped me improve my typing speed is honey. 11 meses atrás
My tip to improve your typing speed is to get gud 11 meses atrás
When my fingers hurt after too much time on the keyboard, I begin to die.
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