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A.A. Milne
One single gas molecule would have done the same. Okay, then make it a few: ...


It's me.
It's and absolutely terrible show. Unless you're the sort of person who enjoys watching brain ...
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Anonymous - Alive
Do you ever realize how badly you're going to miss a moment while you're living in it? Like wow, these are good days. I am here and I am happy and I feel alive, and I'm scared I'm never going to feel alive again.

Anonymous - Spinning
When I was 11 I had a soccer coach who made us run in circles and when we got dizzy he told us to run the other direction to undo the spinning. Imagine the beauty of living in a world where we could just run the other direction every time the world spun in circles; imagine how simple every thing would be if we could undo the things that made us spin in the first place.

Anonymous - Broken Hearts
Kindergarten swings sets are terrifying after you're told you're not loved anymore on the playground. The cold air hit my face like a brick wall when I saw you holding hands with her. Distance between us grew so large that I can't even call it a place anymore. The bruised on my arms when you were through with me did not compare with the bruises on my heart after you left. The park near your house will never look the same.