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The reason there are punctuation issues is because these are lyrics for a song (Euphoria ...

I think mine got back to me at least once

Destinie Rodriguez-Lopez
@weesin @bvw Hahaha, I like your response weesin

Squidward Tentacles
Humorously enough, you're not wrong!

Douglas Adams
mfw I break my wpm records on box-filling quotes


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Monsoon - The DNA of The Soul
Free will is a myth, religion is a joke. We are all pawns controlled by something greater: Memes, the DNA of the soul. They shape our will. They are the culture. They are everything we pass on. Expose someone to anger long enough, they will learn to hate. They become a carrier. Envy, greed, despair; all memes, all passed along.

skylar - love is not a hazard
Love is not a hazard. Rather, it is a way for two souls to somehow find their way to each other through whatever science or psychology one might use to explain it. Do we not call that bonding?