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Chuck Norris
This is, in general, bullshit.

Michael Scott
as to Micheal Scott and his quote: Micheal Scott is a ficitonal character. The quote ...

Michael Scott
Cringe yes, boomer no. Boomers are massive silent beastly submarines, powered by tiny nuclear reactors ...

David J. Griffiths
Okay, so many words. How do we know what they mean? Surely someone finds the ...

Henry David Thoreau
Oh but my morning crankiness overwhlems me at times. What in all the seven hells ...


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Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai - Sleep - Sakuta x Mai
"You did great, Sakuta. You tried so hard for me. You've done more than enough. You can rest now. I've always been alone, anyway. It won't bother me one bit if you forget about me. But still, thanks for everything. And I'm sorry. Good night, Sakuta. And goodbye." - Mai Sakurajima.