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Bitte Kraftausdrücke vermeiden (nutze das tool auch mit meinen Schülern aus Klasse 3-4), danke!

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I also enjoy life without having to type exclamation points on this site.

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RuneScape - Deliciousness is power
Deliciousness is the source of my power. For deliciousness infuses every micro-cabbage that forms the world around us. It flows through the cosmos, infusing every living thing - thus binding them together. From the tiniest, humblest cabbage on this world to the giant space-cabbages that will soon arrive to enslave humanity, all are connected by the deliciousness.

RuneScape - Ascension of Guthix
I stabbed him with the elder weapon, driving it deep into his back. The weapon shattered as the god reared back in pain before crashing to the ground. As I watched him take his last breaths, I felt power growing within me. I became a god myself. Equal to those who had tormented my life.

RuneScape - Zamorak's Rebellion
Hear me, cardinals, scholars of the Church, leaders of the military. Now is the time to rise against the emperor who refuses to show his face! How many of your kin has he sent to their deaths? How many once great races now decay within the walls of this empire? AND FOR WHAT? He has promised you everything, but gives you nothing! Stand with me and together we will bring low a god!

RuneScape - The First Step
I found myself in a world that was both wondrous and alien. It was formed from fire; mutable in state, in countless colours and designs that I lack the words to describe. It was a world of chaos that defied the laws of nature. It was beautiful.

RuneScape - Zamorak on morality
Truth to be told I do not consider evil a worthwhile pursuit, but neither do I consider it relevant. It is a term given by the close-minded to label a world in shades of black and white, right and wrong. But you and I both know that the world is more than that. It isn't black and white, nor even shades of grey. Morality, like the world, is a myriad of colours in a vast array of shades and hues.