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Mike Judge
Great quote

a lot of people
As much as I love this song, song lyrics aren't allowed on this site

Gabriel García Márquez
En español, el punto va después de las comillas de cierre.

Inside Self
El error está en ... "sentir loco", lo correcto es decir, ya no te sentirás ...

Inside Self
Loco no, solo s, dado que se está hablando de hablar con alguien.


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Your Mind - Short Quotes
This will be a short, easy quote. It has the minimum amount of characters. I hope you do well on this quote. Maybe you can even get your best WPM yet!

- A Keyhero Musing - Burn Notice
Who is adding the quotes from the show Burn Notice? When I was a kid, my parents would watch that show. I really liked it, and it made me want to move to Miami. Whoever you are, secret Burn Notice fan, just know that I appreciate you. Good day.