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Kim Namjoon
There isn't much feminists don't find offensive, mollohan_hannah. Even so, I believe it to be ...

Kitty Hatasie
We are each unique, and each with unique task or tasks to do in our ...

Kim Namjoon
@weesin i don’t have kids.

Kim Namjoon
well if you have children, I certainly hope you don't expose them to this type ...

Kim Namjoon
@weesin srsly? you take offense to this? i could care less if this offends you ...


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Your Mind - Short Quotes
This will be a short, easy quote. It has the minimum amount of characters. I hope you do well on this quote. Maybe you can even get your best WPM yet!

- A Keyhero Musing - Burn Notice
Who is adding the quotes from the show Burn Notice? When I was a kid, my parents would watch that show. I really liked it, and it made me want to move to Miami. Whoever you are, secret Burn Notice fan, just know that I appreciate you. Good day.