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Abel Tesfaye
Oh. Em. Gee. Ugh, yazzzzz!

Casey L.
"There are no accidents" - Master Oogway.

There's big pp energy in this quote.

Melanie Martinez
Go away from my window, and leave at your own chosen speed. I'm not the ...

Ricky Gervais
what a stupid take lol



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D.O (EXO) - Rose (English Ver.)
If you need a lover, let me know and let me in. I could treat you better, steal you roses everyday. I might not have a fancy car but I fancy you, so gimme a chance if you need a lover, baby. They look at me when I'm looking at you (ah, yeah, yeah, yeah). I don't give a damn 'cause it's all I can do (ah, yeah, yeah, yeah). Please don't go breaking my heart, tell me you're aching for me now, baby, baby (ah, yeah, yeah, yeah).

[Pending] - English Sucks
The confusing thing about the English language is what follows: lead rhymes with read, and lead rhymes with read. However, lead and read don't rhyme nor do lead and read.

[Pending] Nicki Minaj - Monster
Pull up in the monster, automobile gangsta With a bad bitch that came from Sri Lanka Yeah, I'm in that Tonka, color of Willy Wonka You could be the king but watch the Queen conquer Okay, first things first I'll eat your brains Then I'ma start rockin' gold teeth and fangs 'Cause that's what a motherfuckin' monster do Hairdresser from Milan, that's the monster 'do Monster Giuseppe heel, that's the monster shoe Young money is the roster and the monster crew.

[Pending] J.R.R. Tolkien - The Hobbit
He was as noble and as fair in face as an elf-lord, as strong as a warrior, as wise as a wizard, as venerable as a king of dwarves, and as kind as summer.

[Pending] Myself - A thought to get you thinking
You know what's weird to think about? Money- it doesn't have ANY value whatsoever. If you think about it, there is no logical reason that anyone would want a piece of paper or a coin in exchange for a good or service that us humans either want or need. And, anything in theory could become a currency, my proof is that the currency in the US is LITERALLY a piece of paper. Just a crazy thought that crossed my mind, so I figured I would share it.

[Pending] blink-182 - Pathetic
I know i'm pathetic, I knew when she said it. A loser, a bum's what she called me when I drove her home. There's no more waiting and sure no more wasting. I've done all I can but she still wants to be left alone. You got, you got, you got to help me out, and I'll try not to argue. No one, no one, no one likes a dropout. Mistakes are hard to undo. Don't pull me down, there is where I belong. I think I'm different, but I'm the same and I'm wrong. Don't pull me down, this is where I belong.

[Pending] blink-182 - Untitled
But what do I get, 'cause I just seem to lose... you make me regret those times I spent with you. Playing those games as I wait for your call. Now I give up, so goodbye and so long.

[Pending] Caitlyn Siehl
Do not fall in love with people like me. I will take you to museums, and parks, and monuments, and kiss you in every beautiful place, so that you can never go back to them without tasting me like blood in your mouth. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.

My pet, you are my last hope. Circle far and wide. Search for a maid of 16 with hair of sunshine gold and lips red as the rose. Go, and do not fail me.

[Pending] Feeder - Buck Rogers
He's got a brand new car. Looks like a Jaguar. It's got leather seats. It's got a CD player. But I don't want to talk about it anymore. I think we're gonna make it. I think we're gonna save it, yeah. So, don't you try and fake it anymore.

myself - give up when it makes sense
Always give up at exactly the right time. When you first try something you are exploring how difficult it is and how much you like it. If you give up too early, you won't have explored it enough, and if you give up too late, you will have wasted time that could have been better used trying something that would have been more worthwhile. Don't listen to these people who tell you to never give up.

Me!!! - MIstakes
Oh no! you made a mistake! If you ever make a mistake, and you know what you did was wrong, at least appreciate that. Think about all the mistakes you did and haven't acknowledged them. All the room for improvement that wasn't taken. At least that's what my math teacher told me.

SMasH - The Best Feeling
To me, the best feeling in the typing world is consistently typing faster and faster. The feeling of typing well over my average multiple times in a row brings so much joy and excitement. Knowing I am improving, that I am becoming a typing wizard.

[Pending] Tony Asher & Brian Wilson - Here Today - The Beach Boys
It starts with just a little glance now. Right away you're thinking 'bout romance now. You know you ought to take it slower, but you just can't wait to get to know her. A brand new love affair is such a beautiful thing, but if you're not careful think about the pain it can bring. It makes you feel so bad. It makes your heart feel sad. It makes you're days go wrong. It makes your nights so long. You've got to keep in mind love it here today and it's gone. Tomorrow it's here and gone so fast.

beep_boop - Pocahontas - Colours of the Wind
How high does a sycamore grow? If you cut it down, then you'll never know. And you'll never hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon, for whether we are white or copper skinned, we need to sing with all the voices of the mountain, we need to paint with all the colours of the wind. You can own the Earth and still, all you own is earth until, you can paint with all the colours of the wind.

lovejoy - roachstew - the fall - love jot (pebblebrain ep)
So come on, one and all, and see the apathy. The reams of grey stencils that fill the tapestry. I look to all of you and see a different fucking species. Aspiration for a different destination to me. Across the Pennines, there's a thin blue line, a knife, and a mall. I would do something if it wasn't all so effortful. 'Cause I'm so high my brain can't even look at the fall. And when you've reached the top, there's nowhere else to go but-.

Sophia Hurtado - Silence
Sit in a quiet room, you feel relaxed. Sit in a loud room, you feel annoyed, Sit in a quiet room, you feel lonely. Sit in a loud room, you feel like a real person.

Sophia Hurtado - Fast and easy
Some people skip through the long quotes, I understand that, it's easy to mess up getting lost in all the words. While in reality, the longer the quote, the better practice, trust me, if you practice only on short quotes, you will get lost when you see long quotes.

Sophia Hurtado - Wasps
Just on the level of annoying as mosquitoes, but also on the same level of dangerous, wasps. But instead of spreading deadly diseases, they sting you, they sting you, many, many, many times. It's worse if you're allergic, now that can be a bummer. Stay away from wasps, if you consider for one second your safety, or more importantly, your health.

Anonymous - Type this fast enough and you turn into a 160 WPM god
If it is to be then so be it. If you type that fast enough, your words per minute will skyrocket. Thank me later, random typer. Try it again. If it is to be then so be it.