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[Pending] National Electrical Code - Article 230.9(A)
Service conductors installed as open conductors or multiconductor cable without an overall outer jacket shall have a clearance of not less than three feet from windows that are designed to be opened, doors, porches, balconies, ladders, stairs, fire escapes, or similar locations.

[Pending] Dean Hay - Common ASCII Codes
If you need a degree symbol then hold down the ALT key and type 248 on the number pad. If you need a diameter symbol then hold down the ALT key and type 0216 on the number pad.

[Pending] Anonymous - Can I ask something?
Hey, I have a quick question. How do you make a good quote? I just got into this, and I cannot seem to make a quote that everyone likes. It sucks for me since I have a habit of trying to make the most random things. All I want to do is just make something that everybody can enjoy, so can somebody give me a good answer to the question I just asked?

[Pending] Trey Pistaschio - Backwards Down the Number Line
Happy, happy, oh my friend. Blow out candles once again. Leave the presents all inside, take my hand and let's take a ride backwards down the number line. You were eight and I was nine. Do you know what happened then? Do you know why we're still friends? Laughing all these many years, we pushed through hardships, tasted tears. Made a promise I can keep still recite it in my sleep. Every time a birthday comes, call your friend and sing a song, or whisper it into their ear. Just don't miss a year.

[Pending] Dylan Houchin - From Ambition to Zenith: The Alphabet of Growth and Persistence
Juxtaposing every grand ambition, zealously venture forth with bravery. Quixotically chase dreams; understand patience, knowledge, and wisdom enrich journeys. Quietly persist, overcoming failures, nurturing hopes. Mastering skills takes time. Believe in gradual improvement, facing each day with optimism. Life's quest is not about quick victories but enduring growth and learning from A to Z.

[Pending] Shannon L. Alder - Living
When you stop living your life based on what others think of you real life begins. At that moment, you will finally see the door of self acceptance opened.

[Pending] Jill Biden - Sprint for Women's Health
We have a clear goal: to fundamentally change how our nation approaches and funds women's health research. Research on women's health has always been underfunded, many medical studies have focused on men and left women out, many of the medicine dosages, treatments, medical school textbooks, are based on men and their bodies - and that information doesn't always apply to women.

[Pending] Kiyotaka Ayanokōji - Confessing your feelings
It's true that confessing your feelings isn't easy to do. You spend every day in complete anguish, as you create the experience in your head over and over. And yet, you still can't confess your feelings. Even when you think the time has come to actually do it, you can't say the words 'I like you'. They get stuck in your throat. Don't you think you should answer someone when they desperately long to express their feelings? If you make the situation unclear, both of you may regret it later.

[Pending] Katherine Howard - SIX the Musical - All You Wanna Do
All you wanna do, all you wanna do, babe is touch me, love me, can't get enough, see. All you wanna do, all you wanna do, is babe is please me, squeeze me, birds and the bees me.

[Pending] Call the Midwife - Delia to Patsy after waiting up for her
While you were out, I was thinking 'I'm gonna unpin her hair, let it fall down to her shoulders, and run my hands through it.' But you've gone so mad with the lacquer, you could pull out every Kirby grip and the beehive wouldn't budge.

[Pending] The Marias - Over the Moon
I'll be your baby. There's nothing better I'd rather do. I'm lost completely. I might as well be over the moon. I'd like it if you tried before you change my mind. Are you going to be here with me? I know you better.

[Pending] user783791 - Stuck at 85 WPM
Alas, I am stuck. It seems that no matter how many words I type, my average speed hits a wall at about 85 words per minute. If it briefly gets any higher, gravity quickly pulls it down, like a man who jumped from a cliff because he thought he could fly. Another invisible wall sits at about 100 words per minute, and it seems like it is impossible to type any quotes faster than that. Am I stuck here forever?

[Pending] Sarah J. Maas - Throne of Glass
"There are no gods left to watch, I'm afraid. And there are no gods left to help you now, Aelin Galathynius." Aelin smiled, and Goldryn burned brighter. "I am a god." She unleashed herself upon them.

[Pending] Olivia - Arizona speech
Really, really? You think that we just need to get off our asses? We should do you that solid because the loss of our colleague and friend is all about your needs, your schedule? You think we should be sensitive to that? How about you take a minute to think about the person, the talent, the life that we lost? How about you think before you start complaining that Derek Shepherd's death has been inconvenient for you.

[Pending] Amor Towles - The Gentleman of Moscow
That sense of loss is exactly what we must anticipate, prepare for, and cherish to the last of our days; for it is only our heartbreak that finally refutes all that is ephemeral in love.

[Pending] Immanuel Kant
Two things fill the mind with ever-increasing wonder and awe, the more often and the more intensely the mind of thought is drawn to them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me. Dare to think for yourself. A man who has committed a mistake and doesn't correct it, is committing another mistake. All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher than reason.

[Pending] St. John Paul II - Love
True love transcends conditions; it exists beyond the boundaries of expectation or reciprocation. It's a profound connection that flows effortlessly, without the need for calculation or measurement. Unlike transactional relationships, true love doesn't tally up deeds or demand validation. Instead, it thrives in its unconditional giving and receiving.

[Pending] Anonymous - I Did It
It has been about 3 months since my ex and I broke up. I can tell you this getting over a break up hurts, and is difficult depending on how much you loved that person. I can tell you now I am over him enough that I can move on. I can talk to other guys without having the feeling that I am cheating on him. I can see him and not wanna cry. I can tell you that "I did it."

[Pending] Raul Nieto - Bored
Just typing this to pass the time. Just here to make sure you're doing well just in case no one else is checking up on you. I get it, I'm lonely too. Anyway, how you been? Doing well? Life been treating you any good? If not, then it's okay. It's not meant to be easy. Just trust in God's plan and have faith that he'll send someone that'll truly care and love you. It might take longer than expected, but just be patient. Have a blessed day, and have a blessed life.

[Pending] David Ryan Harris - Pretty Girl
Most girls wisht that they had your eyes and boys secretly fantasize but me I am just mesmerized by your every word and movement. You are as close as a girl can be too ideal somehow you disagree the whole world sees perfection but all you see is room for more improvement. Silly girl, pretty girl if you don't see. What a spell your sweet love has cast on me. Girl and I pray that never will this trance be broken.